For startups, in the course of establishment and development, there are numerous issues, either simple or complicated, to take care and handle. In which, among others, deciding to take your business to the next step by incorporating, taking on new partners or employees, or seeking further investment are key pinch-points in your founder journey. Steven & Phan acknowledges that legal issues normally confuse startups as their untouched industry, either innovation technology or business model, may fall in the “gray zone” of laws and concerns over cost and qualification can create a substantial barrier between startups and law firms.

Our expert startup lawyers can be your guides and mentors through the jungle of regulations that apply to business today, as well as the demands of investors as your business scales.
Steven & Phan is humbly recognized as one of law firms which demonstrated deep expertise, commitment to clients and the fostering of a deeper understanding in fintech and blockchain-based business models. With a desire to support young startups in a cost-effective manner, Steven & Phan offer various tailor-made solutions and services that can enhance the fast growth of the companies.